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Free Legal Forms and Documents
The Opticon and its library of legal forms and materials are free to any registered member.  The goal of The Opticon is to build the Internet's most comprehensive and trusted legal repository.  We ask that registered members who use the site contribute one meaningful document to it in exchange for unlimited access.  You can upload and download files after you register with the site.

Endless Legal Form and Document Access Subscription
Users can view and download legal forms and documents.  The Opticon is a file sharing network.

Buying Single Legal Forms and Documents Without a Subscription
Many users that visit TheOpticon.com are looking for a single document and are not in need of a subscription or do not have their own legal forms to share. These users have the option of paying the list price for individual legal forms and documents. Once the price is paid for a specific document, the user can download and save the document to their computer as often as they need to in the future.

Who Uses The Opticon?
The Opticon is a community of attorneys, businessmen, law students, landlords, tenants, merchants, and all others that need or deal in legal documents. Members have registered and begun sharing their resources.  Join the Opticon community and help build the Internet's premiere legal document sharing network.

One Source for Legal Forms and Documents
Finding legal documents online can be a time-consuming endeavor. Here at The Opticon you can find legal forms, legal outlines, contracts, patents, pleadings, memoranda, and every other conceivable legal document.  You may also wish to make use of The Opticon's multimedia files (audio and video) that include actual opening and closing court statements. These multimedia files illustrate the important legal and rhetorical techniques in courtroom settings.

The Opticon Legal Form and Document Rating System
The Opticon members are encouraged to provide feedback on documents they have downloaded.  Each document can be rated from zero to five stars.  Like many other popular community-driven websites, The Opticon is self-correcting in the sense that the highest quality files are filtered to the top of the document categories, while those that are rated poorly rated are eventually filtered out.  This rating system assures that members receive the best possible legal forms and documents available to them.

In addition to ratings, users that upload their documents can modify the keywords that are associated with those documents.  These keywords make searching for specific legal forms and documents much easier less time consuming.

Non-Legal Documents and Resources
In addition to the vast library of legal forms and documents, The Opticon also has a database for sheet music, research papers, prose, poetry, and essays. These non-legal documents are useful for researchers and those looking to share their ideas and inspirations.  These academically rich documents are a valuable resource for intellectuals and artists.

By registering with The Opticon and contributing to legal document database, you can make money in addtion to getting free access to legal forms and documents. The Opticon pays itss users 10% of the proceeds generated by any of the documents they upload. In addition to making money off of individual documents, The Opticon divides up 10% of the proceeds generated by monthly subscriptions and distributes them to the members on a pro rata basis (based on the popularity of their uploaded documents). These commissions are placed in the users' accounts; and they can be paid out in the form of checks or can be used as credit in The Opticon bookstore.