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The Opticon manages a complex library of documents it has not drafted, which are uploaded by third parties.  The Opticon does not advise anyone on the legal merits of the documents found on its site, which documents are provided for the research purposes of those who understand the risks in using them.  There is no attorney-client relationship between the Opticon and anyone using the site for any reason.  This website is not a substitute for the advise or representation of an attorney.

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The Opticon reserves the right to delete and remove files without compensation to users that it deems are illegally uploaded, irrelevant, redundant, of poor quality, or that for any reason the Opticon staff feels are improper.

The fees the Opticon collects are for use of the software platform it has developed which facilitates the site's operation and allows users to offer documents to other users. 

Documents and media archived on the Opticon are not guaranteed or represented to be legally compliant, complete, current, or reliable.  There is no attorney-client relationship between the Opticon, its employees, affiliates, users, and anyone else using the site for any reason.  This website and those materials found on it are not a subsititute for the advise and representation of an attorney.

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