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Video: Opening Statement for Insanity Defense Legal - Multimedia GIF - Image File 5
Consent to Take Polygraph Examination (Lie Detector) Legal - Contract DOC - MS Word 7
Motion to Set Aside a Conviction Legal - Motion BMP - unknown 41
Sample Subpoena Form for Civil Actions Legal - Form / Template DOC - MS Word 37
Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion for Temporary Restraining Order in Legal - Memorandum DOC - MS Word 20
Motion in Limine to Exclude Testimony Regarding Property Damage Legal - Motion DOC - MS Word 14
JAIL HOUSE LAWYERS HANDBOOK A Handbook for Prisoners Wishing to File Federal Lawsuits from Prision Legal - Article PDF - Acrobat 50
Notice of Appeal Form Legal - Notice WPD - Word Perfect 28
Pro Hac Vice Admission Motion and Form Legal - Motion DOC - MS Word 8
Motion for Pro Hac Vice Admission to Federal Court Legal - Motion DOC - MS Word 6
Ex Parte Application by CIty to Show Cause and for Contempt Legal - Motion PDF - Acrobat 15
motion to reduce bail amount Legal - Motion DOC - MS Word 146
Motion Cover Sheet - NC Legal - Form / Template PDF - Acrobat 25
Opposition to Ex Parte Application for Order Shortening Time Legal - Motion PDF - Acrobat 9
Plea in Abeyance Agreement - Traffic Offense Legal - Contract PDF - Acrobat 2
Stipulated Order Dismissing Civil Claims with Prejudice Legal - Order PDF - Acrobat 7
Petition for Deferred Prosecution of Criminal Mistreatment Charge Legal - Form / Template DOC - MS Word 7
Wa Deferred prosecution petition Legal - Petition DOC - MS Word 6
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